When you order we try to send out the packages as soon as possible, however sometimes delivery can take a while. If your delivery is taking longer than the Maximum amount of days listed below, then contact use so we can work something out (Either a refund or a replacement).

We try to send your package within 24 hours however this is not always possible, please allow us up to 72 hours to ship your package.


Average: 11 Days
Minimum: 7 Days
Maximum: 20 Days


Average: 27 Days
Minimum: 18 Days
Maximum: 40 Days

Russia, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia

Average: 18 Days
Minimum: 10 Days
Maximum: 24 Days


Average: 30 Days
Minimum: 15 Days
Maximum: 45 Days

All others

Average: 14 Days
Minimum: 7 Days
Maximum: 25 Days